REPLY SOON TO THE INVITATION TO THE AUTUMN LUNCH THAT ALL REGISTERED MEMBERS SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED. PLEASE READ THE WEBMASTER'S BLOG AND COMMENT. Note also that the telephone number of the Secretary-Treasurer has changed - See her entry on the Steering Group Page.

The latest Newsletter ( Spring 2014) has now been emailed to all renewing members and is now available in the Newsletter Archive awaiting the imminent publication of Summer 2014. Note that. in future, the latest Newsletter will sent by email (or in print if you have requested this) only to those members who have renewed their membership. It will  generally not appear on this website until a new edition is due. This has been done to safeguard the privileges of members and we are sure that members who take the trouble to inform us of their wishes each year will agree with this policy. Remember that renewing your membership is not dependent on the amount of your subscription.

In a similar way the register of members , available shortly, will also be sent only to those members who have at the time of publication signified, in writing, their intentions re membership in the current year.