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Welcome to the Research Network

The RESEARCH NETWORK is an association of experienced market and social researchers who have spent all or most of their working lives in such activities. We currently have around 200 members; most of them have been associated with the field for at least 25 years and some for a lot longer.

Our purpose is to help members stay in regular contact with friends and colleagues through a mix of social events, a regular newsletter and online facilities. We organise lunches and other get-togethers in London – lively and convivial events at which members have the opportunity to meet up with old acquaintances and make new friends.

We also support initiatives such as an oral history archive and the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR), and have close links with the industry charity, the Market Research Benevolent Association (MRBA).


Next Event

Network Evening Drinks (NED Talk)
Wednesday 14th October 2020

Due to the continuing COVID pandemic and the resulting cancellation of our Autumn Lunch, we are continuing with our series of Zoom meetings. These events are early evening meetings, with a speaker talking about a topic of general interest for 20–30 minutes, followed by time for discussion and a general chat. Our fourth speaker will be Jane Bain, who will give a talk entitled: ‘The Owls’ Story – a glimpse into the life of a family of tawnies'. Jane will tell us what she has learnt about owls from 10 years of observing and photographing a family of tawny owls which live not far from her home in West London.

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Latest News

AGM moves online

Regrettably, the Steering Group has concluded that it will not be possible to hold the traditional AGM and Christmas Drinks event this year. The AGM will go ahead on Zoom, however, on the date originally planned – Tuesday 8th December.

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What happens to Jamie Oliver in translation?

Nick Tanner gave our third successful Network Evening Drinks talk on 19th August, with a theme based on his professional translation work. He gave us an entertaining assessment of how German and Dutch translators dealt with the challenges of capturing Jamie Oliver’s individual style of recipes for their national markets.

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