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Welcome to the Research Network

The RESEARCH NETWORK is an association of experienced market and social researchers who have spent all or most of their working lives in such activities. We currently have around 200 members; most of them have been associated with the field for at least 25 years and some for a lot longer.

Our purpose is to help members stay in regular contact with friends and colleagues through a mix of social events, a regular newsletter and online facilities. We organise lunches and other get-togethers in London – lively and convivial events at which members have the opportunity to meet up with old acquaintances and make new friends.

We also support initiatives such as an oral history archive and the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR), and have close links with the industry charity, the Market Research Benevolent Association (MRBA).


Next Event

Network Evening Drinks (NED Talk)
Wednesday 21st April 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we are continuing with our series of Zoom meetings. These events are early evening meetings, with a speaker talking about a topic of general interest for 20–30 minutes, followed by time for discussion and a general chat. Our ninth speaker will be Graham Woodham, who will give a talk entitled: ‘NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION – The Subtleties of Social Interactions’. So much of our communications are non-verbal, from facial expressions and gestures to other ‘signals’ beyond what we actually say. Graham's talk will cover topics such as gaze behaviour, (which we do so much better than monkeys!) and smiling (both real and polite) and will finish with some insights into the modern day influences of Zoom. Graham promises the talk will be engaging and fun… and he’s not lying…

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Latest News

‘The Life in Research’ book launch

Peter Bartram’s new book ’The Life in Research’ is being published on 12th April and can be ordered from Amazon and leading bookshops. The book is mainly a light-hearted compendium of candid memories from across the last 50 years in research and should be of special interest to Research Network Members.

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Advertising – the halcyon days?

On 24th March it was the turn of Sheila Byfield to deliver our monthly NED Talk. She chose as her subject ‘The dark and the lighter sides of advertising’ and it proved to be a highly entertaining romp through some of the industry’s more questionable efforts.

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