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About Us

Founded in 2002, the Research Network is an association of market and social researchers who have spent all or most of their working lives in these or related activities.

Most of our members have been associated with research for a good 25 years and one or two for over 60 years.  Many are working full- or part-time in agencies, in corporate or academic roles, or as consultants, whilst others are now retired.

The Network enables members to keep in regular contact with friends and colleagues in the industry via a range of social activities, a regular Newsletter and online initiatives.

In addition to our social role, we also aim to ensure that the voice of experienced researchers is heard whenever market or social research issues are discussed.  We have close links with the Market Research Society (MRS) but current or former MRS membership is not a condition of membership of the Research Network.

We support and are associated with the Market Research Benevolent Association (MRBA) and are able to offer assistance, utilising the resources of the MRBA where appropriate.  For more details see the MRBA website

We support and many of our members are actively involved in the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR). For more details see the AMSR website…


Social Events

We organise quarterly lunches and other social networking events in London, to enable members to get together with friends and colleagues on a regular basis.




We publish a twice-yearly Newsletter with details of forthcoming events, a selection of photos of recent events and articles by and/or about Network members. 


News of Members

Our website provides members with up-to-date news of members, information about Network events and news of important developments in research. 


Oral History Project

Since 2011 we have been compiling an Oral History record of the market research industry, through a series of illuminating interviews with some of its most influential practitioners.   
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