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Spring lunch at Ev

Sunday, May 1st, 2022

Nearly 40 members, plus a handful of guests, made it to the first in-person social event of the year when we returned to one of our most popular venues, the Turkish restaurant of Ev in Isabella Street on 26 April. The weather was ideal for a spot of pre-lunch mingling on the leafy terrace and the numbers involved made it a little easier than usual to mingle indoors as well.

The food was delicious and the portions more than generous: several guests commented that they’d have been perfectly satisfied with the hot and cold meze dishes alone. Thanks, as ever, are due to Jane Bain and Jane Gwilliam for organising the event and to the staff at Ev for executing it so well.

Jane B performed her usual additional role as official photographer and members can relive the event, or see what they missed, on the website here.

Our next event is the Summer Party on Tuesday 5 July, an informal buffet lunch held as usual at the upper bar and terrace of Doggett’s Coat & Badge, on the southwestern corner of Blackfriars Bridge. Do come along and you are encouraged to bring a guest or two – the Network needs new members, and guests are potential recruits!

Invitations will be sent out in June but put the date in your diary now and start thinking about whom you might invite.