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Stories from the Archive of Market & Social Research (AMSR)

Friday, September 29th, 2023

The Archive regularly publishes brief stories on its website compiled from the thousands of research reports, news items and other documents that it holds. Recent stories include How popular were the royals 50 years ago?, exploring attitudes to monarchy and the royal family; and Crickets: Tests and challenges which compared today’s concerns over the game’s future with those of previous years, not least through TGI data.

The most recent such story, headed Sunshine breaks pile on the stress, looks at modern-day realities of foreign travel compared with those experienced in a 1991 study. All of these stories and very many others can be viewed at

A more extensive story appeared in an article by Judith Staig published this week on ResearchLive

This article examines what research over the years has told us about attitudes to confectionery brands and advertising. It draws on the data held in the Archive’s CRAM Collection, a set of reports from Peter Cooper’s company and is a fascinating examination of how the sector has (and has not) changed in the last 70 years.