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Successful AGM & Christmas Drinks

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

The Network’s combined AGM & Christmas Drinks event was held on Tuesday 6 December. This year we had Ipsos to thank for giving us space in Thomas More Square, just beyond St Katharine’s Dock in London. It was a great space with a large open area for circulating and socialising, with a large separate meeting room where the business element took place.

Sadly Adam Phillips had fallen victim to COVID and was still testing positive over 10 days later, so although all the preparatory work was his, the meeting was actually chaired by Nick Tanner. The meeting approved the Steering Group’s proposals to increase the membership subscription to £30, along with the re-election of the Steering Group itself.

Reports were given on the past year’s activities and financial results, the membership survey, the recruitment drive for new members and the Oral History project. Jane Bain presented the plans for next year’s social activities, along with some eye-watering (her phrase) projections of potential costs: most restaurants are unwilling to commit to prices more than three months ahead at present, so the plans were less definitive than in previous years but they met with the approval of the members present.

The Network is hugely grateful to Ipsos and Kelly Beaver, CEO of its UK and Ireland businesses, for their generous hospitality, and the Steering Group thanks Jane Bain, Jane Gwilliam and Gill Wareing for the work they put into making it such an enjoyable event.

Pictures of the evening can be found in the gallery.