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The Research Network at MRS Applied Transformation 2024

Monday, March 25th, 2024

The MRS Conference this year was once again at the Hilton Bankside in Southwark. There was a big programme for a one day conference with 3 parallel streams running between plenary sessions with key speakers. Attendance was around 500 and there was a lively exhibition area in the reception space outside the conference halls. The attendance was international with visitors including the Chief Executives of the Insights Association and ESOMAR.

Our stand was in its usual place at the foot of the entry staircase together with the MRBA and AMSR. There were always at least two people on the stand, a Steering Committee member and a Champion. Many thanks to Jane A’Court, Jane Bain, Liz Norman and Jade On. We were busy during the breaks for coffee and lunch and recruited more than 25 potential new members who we will be following up over the next few weeks.

The Research Club had organised a party after the conference at the Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza. It was lots of fun with endless pizza, games a giant screen feed from the UEFA Champions League game which Arsenal won on penalties, and a raffle. There are people, especially in smaller firms, who want to maintain their network of acquaintances in the industry, and some of those are interested in the different social opportunity the Network offers.