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Threats to the industry from COVID-19, and researching its impact

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

The COVID crisis is creating opportunities as well as threats in the market research industry.  The threats, of course, range from the very real personal health risks to the economic issues faced by the industry: less than two weeks ago, the MRS recommended that face-to-face interviewing be suspended entirely. Network member Linda Henshall has confirmed that her business, NFC, has completely suspended operations for the time being, and doubtless all other face-to-face interviewing, qualitative and quantitative, has similarly stopped.

This is having a major effect on companies and in particular on interviewers: the MRBA reports that it is receiving a very high volume of calls at the moment and its volunteers are working at full stretch to answer them.  Its website has an update here.

On the other hand, ResearchLive reports that various research trackers and studies have been launched in recent weeks as organisations seek to understand consumer attitudes and behaviour in these strange times. It has a news page dedicated to the subject, on which it is listing the relevant trackers and studies – see the ResearchLive website.