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A village on Exmoor
Saturday, February 20th, 2021

For February’s NED talk, Phil Barnard took us on a virtual trip to the village that he’s called home for many years now – Brompton Regis in Somerset, within the Exmoor National Park. It was an affectionate look at the many rewards and occasional frustrations that Phil discovered when he moved from Berkshire to the South West.

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Polls distorted by shy voters? Or angry ones?
Monday, February 1st, 2021

A fascinating article published on the AMSR website in December looks at US opinion polls in the run-up to November’s presidential election.

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Sounds of the Sixties and beyond
Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Our first NED talk of 2021 took place on Tuesday 19th January, when Neil McPhee took to the microphone on the subject: ‘Musicology as a Socio-Cultural Journey… A Personal Timeline’.

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